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    Develop a workplace safety plan

    Safety planning is thinking about how to stay safe while living with domestic and family violence, and the actions you can take if the violence escalates or you need to leave in a hurry. 

    For example, a workplace safety plan could be used where an employee discloses that they are experiencing domestic and family violence. The safety plan may include strategies for keeping safe while at work, or while travelling to and from work. In these circumstances, the employee could fill out a template with Human Resource assistance. This will help to document and plan the level of support requested by the affected employee. 

    It is encouraged that you work with expert domestic and family violence services (e.g. 1800RESPECT) to develop the safety plan. 

    When safety planning, consider if any of the below are required

    • Change to workspace location and access 
    • Change to start and finish times 
    • Discussions with IT about: 
      • phone and email security 
      • additional equipment 
      • changes to contact details 
      • reporting unwelcome phone calls and emails 
    • Discussions with security about personal safety on site 
    • Travel to and from car parks or public transport 
    • Advise HR / security of any family violence intervention orders in place 
    • Update emergency contacts at the work unit and in HR system and personnel file 
    • Other measures that the affected staff member does/does not want 
    • Safety concerns for other staff

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