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Share and improve

Ways to share and improve upon violence against women prevention initiatives

Resources and tools to support your work

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    Community engagement and behaviour change evaluation toolbox

    For councils with resources and some evaluation experience. This toolbox provides a one-stop site for the evaluation of community sustainability projects that aim to change household behaviours. It includes a table of monitoring and evaluation tools and guidance on selection and use, and information on behaviour change and presenting results.

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    Evaluating community projects: A practical guide

    For councils with few resources or little evaluation experience. A simple, five-step approach to evaluation, including an evaluation planning template.

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    Counting on change: A guide to prevention monitoring

    For councils with resources and solid evaluation experience. This is an Our Watch produced guide for policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders on measuring population level progress towards the prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia.

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    Ethical standards checklist

    An ethical standards checklist for engaging in domestic violence primary prevention work

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    Partnership analysis tool

    The VicHealth partnership analysis tool is a way to assess your partnerships and maximise their effectiveness

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    Promising Practice Portal

    A site created by the Municipal Association of Victoria where local governments can share their work in promoting and supporting gender equality and the prevention of violence against women

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