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    Make improvements

     If your local government is experienced in designing and implementing prevention of violence against women initiatives, consider ways that you can support other local governments that are starting their journey.  

    You might consider joining or developing a community of practice. A community of practice is a forum of practitioners who are seeking to share and develop their knowledge and networks together. They can take place online, in workshops or during regular meetings.   

    In addition to joining or developing a community of practice, local governments can also:  

    • partner with near-by local governments or stakeholders to expand and develop new programs  
    • engage with diverse stakeholders and strengthen your intersectional approaches to primary prevention (an intensity of effort and investment is required for communities affected by multiple forms of discrimination) 
    • challenge and transform binary categories of sex, gender and sexual orientation, and heteronormative assumptions 
    • consider how gender equality and prevention of violence against women initiatives can be strengthened by engaging men and considering the influence of healthier masculinities  
    • share their successes with their state association or between local stakeholders, and  
    • pilot and develop training packages and initiatives for other local governments.  

    Context and readiness are two key features to consider when scaling up programs or delivering them in new areas or to diverse population groups. Whatever local government decides is the next step, the lessons and successes are valuable to others so remember to share them. 

    Supported by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.