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    Make a statement of commitment

    Your local government may want to make a statement of commitment to reducing violence against women on its website as part of the communication planning with the community. Your statement could include the below information.

    State the local government’s commitment to prevention and opposition to violence against women

    For example: ‘Our local government recognises that violence against women affects the entire Australian community. We recognise our responsibility to step up and contribute in any way we can to reduce violence against women.’

    Find out more about how to talk about the prevention toolkit for local government.

    Acknowledge the services, groups and individuals in the community that are already working in this space

    For example: ‘The local government values the services, organisations and community groups that are working to prevent violence against women and support families in crisis. We recognise the knowledge and commitment of these groups and wish to support and encourage their ongoing contribution. We believe that preventing violence against women is everyone’s business and we are committed to working with the whole community to end violence against women and their children.’

    Outline any planned actions or next steps

    For example: ‘Over the years, the local government has been working in partnership to prevent violence against women in our community. We have delivered prevention initiatives with a range of partners and we are proud of our achievements. As part of renewing our commitment, we will:

    • Demonstrate leadership in prevention of violence against women
    • Raise employee and community awareness of the drivers and consequences of violence against women
    • Provide a safe, inclusive and respectful working environment
    • Provide information to council staff about ways they can prevent violence against women in their work and the services they deliver to community
    • Advocate for gender equality in planning, decision-making and service delivery across local government.

    We are committed to making changes to create a future that is free from violence against all women and their children.’

    Next step

    Set up internal practices

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